Why Neurotherapy?

Why Neurotherapy?

In part because I love efficiency, and in part because I’m lazy. The whole video game as healing mechanism appeals to me greatly. Taking lots of time and paying even more money for often unsuccessful therapy in an area notorious for its resistance to traditional talk or drug therapy? Not so much.

And the fact is neurotherapy has shown itself to be singularly effective in dealing with this sort of thing. Addictions, ADHD, Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc. the success rates (small scale testing mostly at this point) are crazy good, and worth taking a chance on.

The fact is also that I’m just not broken badly enough in any one area to really be diagnosable. It’s in compound that the problems become untenable. Until some grand theory of prefrontal cortext disfunction comes forward, complete with attendant medication (and extensive testing), I’m going to try this. It’s got no side effects and doesn’t require drugs. It’s just money…


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