Dear Timmy, Depression is Trendy!

Humour courtesy of Savage Chickens

Humour courtesy of Savage Chickens

So it turns out that the upbeat thing I’m writing about today is the fact that depression blogging is just, like totally hot right now. I suppose that’s a good thing, right?

Apparently, however, the other depression bloggers are edgier than I am and have fans and people who ask for advice and stuff. Which is a little bit depressing…not depressed enough for the high-flying world of depression blogging. How long oh lord…

So…if I want more readers do I spill my guts more? Be randomly cranky? Abuse the people who write in? [couldn’t do that, way too nice] Offer more links to things I think are a bit wonky? Create an agony aunt section for people who write in?

So many options…

I really like that last one though. I hereby promise to feature (anonymously) anyone who writes in and wants their questions answered by a completely random stranger. Honestly. Happy to. Bring it on.

Send your questions to and prepare to be astounded!


5 Responses to “Dear Timmy, Depression is Trendy!”

  1. Lormo Says:

    Well come on Tim, you just started.

    I was depression blogging long before it was cool. HA!

    • Tim Says:

      I KNOW! I’d say I stand in awe, but obviously it’s more sort of slouch in a corner in awe. Thanks for lighting the way, and just generally being uncool. Also liked your political column. Little worried about the photo though. Isn’t that outdoors?

  2. Jason Says:

    No worries, I think there’s something highly respectable about walking the line of moderation in writing. Isn’t it better than catering to edgier posts just to gain readership? Besides, you’re not riding the trend as much as exploring the depth of your character and its neurological traits.

  3. brokenbrilliant Says:

    Maybe you should switch your theme to black background with white text. If it doesn’t “say depressed”, it will probably depress the crap out of the rest of us after a while 😉

    But seriously, you may very well find ample opportunity to bitch and moan and wail and gnash your teeth on down the line. And there will likely be a lot of folks out there who will gleefully echo your sentiments. Because this is the one place we can do it with unbridled enthusiasm. And get away with it.

    Don’t despair that you’re not yet despairing… The day is still young.

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